Thursday, 18 November 2010

The partners – Center of Vocational Training “Aegeas”

The Center of Vocational Training “Aegeas” (CVT Aegeas) was established in 1993 by a team of experts, in order to provide quality vocational training to various social groups, in an effort to combat unemployment in the Region of Thessaly and provide much needed skills to professionals from various fields.

The goals of the Center are the following:

  • Provision of continuous vocational training.
  • Application of new and innovative technologies in the field of vocational training.
  • Linking occupation and vocational training.
  • Fostering and developing close links among businesses, the local society and local authorities.
  • Organizing professional seminars for business staff.
  • Planning and implementing EU programs on themes such as employment, vocational training and equal opportunities

The Center works on a regular basis with the following target groups:

  • Professionals in need of specialized skills.
  • Long term unemployed individuals, regardless of educational level.
  • Groups of individuals at the risk of being socially excluded, such as single parent families, long term unemployed women, refugees and immigrants, former prisoners, individuals from remote mountainous regions etc.

The main fields of activation and expertise of the Center, are the following:

  • Technical occupations.
  • Management of natural resources.
  • Waste management.
  • Sustainable local development.
  • Regional development projects.
  • Tourism and promotion of alternative types of tourism (eco-tourism, agro-tourism ect).
  • Mass media and communication.
  • Cultural heritage.

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