Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The project - A brief summary

The project VET ELM – Integration of Innovative Methodologies for Electrical Measurements aims at the implementation of innovative didactic strategies used in the field of electrical measurements, through which it is possible to develop competencies, values and attitudes, which will help the students in the electric and electronics field to adapt to the needs of the labour market and to the dynamics of technological progress.

Through the project, the partners aim at developing superior competences and abilities in the field of electrical measurements for their students, but also general key competences such as utilizing IT skills and working knowledge of languages (mainly English), which should be recognized in the European labour market and which should eventually lead to the increase of the mobility potential of the work force in Europe.

Through the project, the partners also wish to encourage the sharing of ideas, methods and resources among the professionals involved in the forming of experts in the field of electrical measurements.

The funding of the project comes from the Leonardo da Vinci partnership scheme, which falls under the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission.

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