Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The project - activities

Project VET ELM- Integration of Innovative Methodologies foe Electrical Measurements proposes an opening to innovation, creativity and diversity for the participants, representing a formal but also a non-formal framework for the education of the European Citizen today, with the purpose of equipping him/her with the skills needed in order to succeed in the particularly demanding labour market. The project wishes to achieve an exchange of good practices in the field of electrical measurements.

Some of the project activities, which will contribute to achieving the project objectives, are the following:
  • Exchange of didactic materials among the project partners
  • Elaboration of studies regarding measurements methods, including work safety rules
  • Implementation of open classes with applicative character
  • Realizing of workshops for the use of specialized software
  • Implementation of e-lessons
  • Realizing of study visits to specialized factories and institutions
  • Organizing scientific symposia
  • Organizing activities in order to promote the culture of each participating project partner

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