Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The partners - Technical College "Petru Poni"

The Petru Poni Technical College is a high school, which has been preparing working personnel for the industrial platform of Borzesti for 50 years, but it also additionally educates specialists for top economic and technical domains, for both theory and research. The college takes pride in its graduates,, many of them graduating its classes of foremen or its post high school classes, which are a tradition in the school. The college has vast experience in preparing adults through evening classes, post high school education or foremen classes.
At the same time, the school can boast of a considerable infrastructure, as it is one of the biggest schools of the country. Approximately 1337 students attend the high school and evening classes and all together enjoy the school’s campus. 102 qualified teachers work at the school. 54% of the college’s students come from rural areas and socio-economically disadvantaged families.
Moreover, the college is situated in an economically disadvantaged area, as the industrial platform of Borzesti finds itself in a serious economic recession. This is the reason why a lot of the citizens of Onesti, Romania currently remain unemployed, thus presenting a serious risk of being socially excluded.
The school offers classes with electronic and electronics profiles, in which most of the students come from rural areas and very poor social environments. By involving the students in the project, the school can offer them the chance to acquire the required competencies and make sure that they are not socially excluded.

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